Complete Business Services for Individual Reps, Retailers, and Manufacturers in the Furniture Industry

Our entire approach is to help your business focus on what you do best. This allows our team to help in many areas of your business such as payroll, HR, compliance, and benefits.

The AdvisorHR team has over 20 years’ experience in the Professional Employment Organization industry and has worked with over 3,000 small business owners with over 65,000 employees. Our team has developed the most hands on (or off) approach for our AdvisorHR clients and we have contracted with BlueCross BlueShield to bring the Furniture Industry a specialized business service program for everyone involved in the industry.  

We welcome any size business from individual reps to retailers and manufacturers up to hundreds of employees.

Retailers and Manufacturers


Your business will have the guidance and leadership from your HR specialist. You are guided through all areas of human resource management. The personal attention your business receives is invaluable and one that small businesses typically never experience unless working with HR professionals.

  • Government and Compliance - Government Compliance helps you to reduce exposure to violations, audits and penalties with tools to help you comply with the employment laws impacting your business. Our HR specialist will help keep your employee data consistent and reporting capabilities quick and comprehensive for better accuracy and real-time insight.



It has never been easier than with AdvisorHR's online portal.  Our Payroll team is ready to assist you anytime in any of these key areas:

  • Online Payroll Processing

  • New Hire Reporting

  • Time & Attendance

  • Garnishment Management

  • Labor Distribution Management

  • ACA

  • Termination Reporting

  • Payroll Portal for Employees

  • Payroll Tax ManagementSave time on local, state, and federal compliance. Manage employees time off and track everything related to your employee.



  • AdvisorHR provides a pay as you go multi-employer plan that provides savings in your work comp plan. Other savings come from NO additional fees typically charged by work comp agencies such as terrorism fees, agency fees, agency commissions, expense constant fee, and increased limits. All of these extra fees add up and can change the net rate of each classification significantly. 



  • Many companies are paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary SUTA expense, of which owners are not aware. AdvisorHR may help lower these rates and help you develop a sound plan.



  • AdvisorHR provides special benefit plans specifically designed and priced for the Furniture Industry companies and employees. Benefits offered are only provided to AdvisorHR Clients in the Furniture Industry.

  • PPO & HSA Plans –This is a Group plan only offered to, our furniture industry family. 

  • Dental Plan

  • Vision Plan

  • Deductible Assist Plan

  • Slavic 401(k) Retirement Plans (pre-tax investments)

  • Retirement Planning Life Insurance

    • Cash Value Whole Life L-95 Plan

    • Cash Value Whole Life L99 Plan

    • Guardian Level – Term Estate Planning






Contact Advisor HR by filling out online form or call: 704.626.5960

Independent Reps of the Furniture Industry

As an Independent Rep in the furniture industry, you can have the same benefits as large companies with AdvisorHR Business Services. 


As an individual rep, you will need to become a client of AdvisorHR to receive the same benefits as retailers and manufacturers. 



  1. Be registered as an C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC filing taxes as an S-Corp

  2. Become a client of Advisor HR

    1. Pay AdvisorHR monthly fee of $79.00

    2. Work Comp monthly fee of $38.00 ($1-million-dollar policy)

    3. Minimum monthly (1 time) payroll processed of your income minimum $1500.00 with no maximum

    4. If you select BCBS HSA Health Coverage, then select any amount to contribute in to your health savings account monthly up to $3450.00 single and $6,900.00 family in 2018. Limits change each year. 







Questions please call: AdvisorHR at: 704.626.5960



Retailers, Manufacturers, and Individual Reps: AdvisorHR manages the payroll component utilizing the single EIN of AdvisorHR, assuring the business services and rates from BCBS. This allows furniture companies and reps to become a client and take advantage of all business services allowing the benefits offered. In addition, the underwriting process is expedited with no minimum number of employee requirement.



AdvisoriREP, a subsidiary of AdvisorHR in North Carolina, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) that works with the furniture industry to support independent reps and owners of manufacturing and retail stores. AdvisoriREP provides comprehensive HR outsourcing to help manage human resources, employee benefits, regulatory compliance, and payroll services.


This co-employment arrangement helps consolidate many areas of the business allowing the business to focus on the main goals of the company. No matter the size of the company, AdvisoriREP is there to help you leverage your business with employee administration. 


AdvisoriREP PEO License #:GL045    8712 Lindholm Drive, Suite 210, Huntersville, NC 28078