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A simple way to invest for your future.

Retirement Planning
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Please review the information below to see what will be available with the new retirement plan options as a IHFRA Member with AdvisoriREP program.


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Roll Out September 2018

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It is up to each and every one of us to responsibly save and prepare for retirement. To help you accomplish this important goal, one of the most innovative 401(k) plans is now available to you as part of our comprehensive benefits program. This vehicle is essential in building a sound and secure financial future.


The funds that comprise the 401(k) plan are some Of the best funds from some of the best fund families. They have been carefully selected to create abroad cross-section of funds from many different investment styles which should provide you with excellent investment choices to achieve your financial goals.

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Fast Fact 1

Maximum Employee
Pre-Tax Contribution
= $18,500.00
Catch Up Contribution
if over 50 = $6,000.00

Fast Fact 2

* If your entity is a LLC or PLLC your are not eligible for a matching contribution.
Match Contribution Maximum = 25% of W2 Income
(Example: $146,000 W2 income would max matching at $36,500​)
Maximum Contribution Under 50 years Old =$55,000.00
Maximum Contribution Over 50 Years Old = $61,000.00


Slavic401k looks to provide a low cost 401k plan solution. In large part, this is achieved through the integration of systems and the efficiencies afforded by servicing a large number of plan participants. In addition, the Slavic “open architecture” access to virtually any mutual fund provides for the lowest cost investment platform possible.


401(k) Builds a Secure Future for the Employee

Slavic’s 401(k) is not only an excellent financial vehicle, it is one of the most comprehensive

Programs offered. Services include:


• Complete plan and investment administration

• Individual participant investment advice

• Online participant functionality

• Exceptional customer service

• Mobile-responsive technology

Our vendors are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

Retirement Planning Life Insurance

A simple way to invest for your future.

Planning For Your
Retirement years

Preparing for retirement can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are common pitfalls you’re likely to encounter during your retirement that may be avoidable with a bit of retirement planning and preparation. By acquainting yourself with these retirement traps now, and adjusting accordingly, you can be better positioned for all that is to come. 

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