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Your First Step With AdvisorMed is to Set-Up your S-Corp

In order to meet the corporate structural requirements that AdvisorMED, Inc. requires, to provide the services it intends to provide to you, your organizational entity must be a corporation taxed as an S-Corp  (“S-Corp”). AdvisorMED has engaged Cook Sadorf Law (a/k/a The Providence Law Group) to create an S-Corp and its related documentation for any AdvisorMED client that does not already have one. Cook Sadorf Law is a law firm with offices in North Carolina and Florida.  Cook Sadorf Law is currently growing and will become Providence Law Group in March 2018.



Terms of Use



The Providence Law Group represents AdvisorMED, Inc. (“AdvisorMED”) the provider of POE services, and not any other person related to this project. In order to meet the structural requirements that AdvisorMED requires to accomplish the services it intends to provide to you, your entity (the “Corporation”) must be a corporation taxed as an S-Corp. Cook Sadorf Law is not providing any legal or financial advise or recommendation to you concerning this structure or its impact on your specific situation.  You agree to seek the advise of your own professional representatives (including financial representatives like your CPA) to understand the impact of forming a corporation that will be taxed as an S-corp., and your specific situation. Cook Sadorf Law has been engaged by AdvisorMED to create corporations taxed as an S-Corp (for each of the participants to this program) in a consistent fashion, at the cost of $260 per entity created. While you will pay this amount by credit card directly to Cook Sadorf Law, you are not Cook Sadorf Law’s client. You hereby waive any conflict that is created as a result of or is in any way related to the services provided by Cook Sadorf Law.


Tax Identification Number

One of the tasks AdvisorMED has asked Cook Sadorf Law to do is secure the employer identification number (the EIN) from the IRS for your Corporation and in the process establish your Corporation as an S-corp. You hereby authorize Cook Sadorf Law and its personnel to apply for and obtain an EIN from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service on behalf of your Corporation and to select S-corp status in the process. You also hereby authorize Cook Sadorf Law and its personnel to identify themselves as and act as the Corporation’s designee for purposes of completing forms on your behalf and communicating directly with the IRS.


Registered Agent

In North Carolina and Florida, Providence Business Services, LLC is selected as your registered agent.  In all other states you, the shareholder will be made the registered agent unless, and until you inform us of another selection. Providence Business Services, LLC is owned at least in part by the members of Cook Sadorf Law but it is not a law firm.  It is a North Carolina limited liability company organized for the purpose of providing business related services to limited liability companies and corporations in the various states it serves.  Currently it serves North Carolina and Florida.  Providence Business Services, LLC charges $75 in arrears, per year, to serve as registered agent (which means you will receive a bill for $75 a year from the date of your business filing) and it charges $75 each to file a corporation’s annual report. If your Corporation is in North Carolina or Florida and you do not wish to have Providence Business Services, LLC serve as your registered agent please notify the process person by dialing 727.415.1680 or emailing Tracy Cook at


Information Sharing and Confidentiality

You will be providing Cook Sadorf Law on behalf of AdvisorMED, with personal and financial information about yourself, and you  to be formed Corporation (“Personal Information”).  You understand, agree that Cook Sadorf Law will and you permit Cook Sadorf Law to share your Personal Information with AdvisorMED and its personnel and Providence Business Services, LLC.  Except for disclosure of your Personal Information to AdvisorMED and Providence Business Services, LLC for the purpose of completing the creation of your Corporation (and for administration purposes), Cook Sadorf Law intends to keep your Personal Information confidential and will not reveal it to any other person or entity. Except as may be required in connection with the provision of Cook Sadorf Law Services, Cook Sadorf Law does not want you to submit confidential or proprietary information to us through this portal or any other medium. All comments, feedback, information or material submitted to Cook Sadorf Law (other than specifically required information provided via the intake form) shall be considered non-confidential and Cook Sadorf Law's property. Cook Sadorf Law shall be free to use and/or disseminate such submissions on an unrestricted basis for any purpose. You acknowledge that you are responsible for the submissions that you provide, including their legality, reliability, appropriateness, originality and content.


Choice of Law and choice of Venue

The Agreement between you and AdvisorMED and provision of services by Cook Sadorf Law as legal representative to AdvisorMED (collectively, the “Agreement”) shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the substantive and procedural laws of the State of North Carolina including its statutes of limitations, without regard to any conflicts of law principle, decisional law, or statutory provision which would require, cause, or permit the application of the substantive law of any other jurisdiction, and without regard to the 1980 United Nations Conference on the International Sale of Goods, which shall not apply to this Agreement. You hereby irrevocably consent to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of the State of North Carolina located in the County of Mecklenburg and of the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina Charlotte Division (collectively, the “Designated Courts”), in any action to enforce, interpret or construe any provision of the Agreement (including the creation by Cook Sadorf Law of the Corporation and supporting documentation initiated by the intake form) or of any other agreement or document delivered in connection with the Agreement, and also hereby irrevocably waive any defense of improper venue or forum non conveniens to any such action brought in any of the Designated Courts. You further irrevocably agree that any action to enforce, interpret or construe any provision of the Agreement and the provision of services by Cook Sadorf Law as legal representative to AdvisorMED, will be brought only in one of the Designated Courts and not in any other court. In any action or proceeding to enforce rights under this Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover costs and reasonable attorney’s fees from the other party.


If you have any questions or need help with any element of the intake form please contact Tracy at (727) 415-1680 or email her at



If the name you select is rejected someone from our office will call to inform you of the rejection and work with you to select another name.


The Corporation is being created with 1,000 shares of common stock with a par value, if required, of $.0001.


If the articles of your state require a fiscal year end December 31 is selected.


In North Carolina and Florida Providence Business Services, LLC is selected as your registered agent.  In all other states the shareholder will be made the registered agent unless and until you inform us of another selection.


In New Hampshire you will not be identified as a Benefits Corporation unless you direct us otherwise.


Where applicable the shareholder will be identified as the President of the Corporation and/or the Director of the Corporation.


When applicable the duration of the Corporation will be perpetual and the purpose of the Corporation will be designated as “to conduct any lawful business” or similar.

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