Please review the instructions below and then fill out the form completely to successfully start your AdvisoriREP employee administration benefits and services.



Page 1 Company Page


a) This is YOUR COMPANY (S-Corp or LLC)

b) All boxes need to be filled in completely.  

Page 2 Payroll Administration


a) Monthly Administration fee ($79), Work Comp Fee ($38), cost of health insurance , dental, vision, and payroll taxes are ALL PRE-TAX EXPENSES paid for by your S-Corp/LLC.


b) Your paycheck you pay yourself must be a minimum of $1,500.00 per month to qualify as a Full Time Employee for a PEO Benefit Plan (there is no maximum). 


c) Payroll/Benefit ACH Draft from your bank account will start on July 16, 2018 and continue on the 16th of each month thereafter.


Page 3 Client Service Agreement


a) Your acknowledgment authorizes you to become a client of the PEO.


b) Monthly Admin Fee - $69


c) Monthly Work Comp Fee - $38 

Page 4) Direct Deposit Page

a) Where you want your net paycheck to be deposited.


Page 5) ACH Withdrawals


a) Your business bank account where AdvisoriREP will "draft" the funds to pay for your services.

Page 6) Insurance Enrollment

a) Select plans

b) Dependent Information

Individual Representatives who have an LLC or S-Corp Get Started Here